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Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersport RS

Eagle F1 Supersport RS

Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersport – RS Ultra Ultra High Perfomance

Eagle F1 Supersport R

Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersport – R Ultra High Perfomance

Eagle F1 Supersport

Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersport High Perfomance

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Goodyear’s Eagle F1 SuperSport RS for ultra ultra high-performance vehicles is coming to Australia.

The all new SuperSport RS tyre offers a totally new experience on the track with significant time difference in performance between the SuperSport R and RS (fitted to a GT2 RS).  

Goodyear has made technological advances that allow them to produce the SuperSport RS tyre which is an overall “softer” tyre while increasing its surface area compared to the SuperSport R with the application of unique construction materials.

The RS also utilizes a complex compound by comparison to the SuperSport R ensuring increased performance and faster lap times.

The requirement for the  SuperSport series to be road legal was seen as not just a difficult task but created a challenge.  The tyre needed to be capable of operating at the low temperatures seen on the road as well as high temperatures on the track, this challenge resulted in the SuperSport RS, a tyre with an optimal lower operating temperature and as an added bonus it is able to maintain this window for much longer than the SuperSport R.

Further sizing and specifications can be found below.

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Eagle F1 SuperSport R & RS

Sizes & Specs


Load Index

Speed Rating


Overall Diameter

Tread  Width

Section Width

Rim Range


mm mm mm inches
EAGLE F1 SUPERSPORT R 235/35R19 91 Y XL 647 208 241 8.0-9.5 80
235/35R19 91 Y XL 647 208 241 8.0-9.5 80
245/35R19 93 Y XL 654 206 249 8.0-9.5 80
305/30R19 102 Y XL 666 305 312 10.5-12.0 80
265/35R19 98 Y XL 668 243 259 9.0-10.5 80
265/35R20 99 Y XL 694 231 282 9.0-10.5 80
265/30R20 94 Y XL 667 TBA TBA 9.0-10.5 80
245/30R20 90 Y XL 655 TBA TBA 8.0-9.5 80
285/30R20 99 Y XL 679 TBA TBA 9.5-10.5 80
275/25R21 92 Y XL 671 TBA TBA 9.0-10.5 80
325/30R21 108 Y XL 728 325 355 11.0-12.0 80
EAGLE F1 SUPERSPORT RS 265/35R20 99 Y XL / N0 694 231 271 9.0-10.5 TBA
325/30R21 108 Y XL / N0 728 313 328 11.0-12.0 TBA

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