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D2757 22.0x9.0-13 R255 GOODYEAR EAGLE G-19

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Sports car racing is a big part of Goodyear’s racing heritage, Goodyear is continuing working to produce the best tires for the consumers needs. Goodyear’s history of success over the decades talks to our dedication to building the best tire available. Goodyear’s Premium circuit tyre incorporates smooth tread design for increased steering response offering consistent, repeatable performance for improved cost efficiency. Goodyear’s compound developments ensure excellent grip and enhanced tread life. A true winning combination.

Additional information

D Number




Tread Pattern


Weight (lbs)

14 lbs

Weight (kgs)

6.5 kgs

O.D. (Inches)

22.5 in

O.D. (mm)

572 mm

Section Width (Inches)

11.3 in

Section Width (mm)

287 mm

Tread Width (Inches)

9.2 in

Tread Width (mm)

234 mm

Rim Range (Inches)

9 to 10

Design Rim (Inches)


Goodyear Eagle F1
Supersport RS

Goodyear’s Eagle F1 SuperSport RS for ultra ultra high-performance vehicles is coming to Australia.

The all new SuperSport RS tyre offers a totally new experience on the track.

Eagle F1 Supersport RS