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    D4915 30.0x10.5R15 D-8 GOODYEAR EAGLE DRAGWAY SPECIAL G-19


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    Goodyear’s position as the leading tyre maker in drag racing is unquestioned. The quickest, fastest and most powerful earth-bound machines in the world look to Goodyear for tires that generate enough traction to take advantage of their stunning ability to go fast in a straight line. Goodyear Eagle Dragway Special tyres are designed using the superior technology gained from supplying the premier classes for decades, applying this knowledge across the complete range of tyres offering low E.T.’s with the maximum MPH. The Goodyear Eagle drag tyres have proven their superior performance over a wide range of track conditions and chassis combinations, with little break-in required resulting in longer lasting tyres reducing overall expenses.

    Additional information

    D Number




    Tread Pattern


    Weight (lbs)

    23.5 lbs

    Weight (kgs)

    11 kgs

    O.D. (Inches)

    30.0 in

    O.D. (mm)

    762 mm

    Roll Out (Inches)

    93.0 in

    Roll Out (mm)

    2362 mm

    Section Width (Inches)

    13.3 in

    Section Width (mm)

    338 mm

    Tread Width (Inches)

    10.5 in

    Tread Width (mm)

    266 mm

    Rim Range (Inches)

    9 to 11

    Design Rim (Inches)


    Construction Notes


    Goodyear Eagle F1
    Supersport RS

    Goodyear’s Eagle F1 SuperSport RS for ultra ultra high-performance vehicles is coming to Australia.

    The all new SuperSport RS tyre offers a totally new experience on the track.

    Eagle F1 Supersport RS